Composite Products offers high-end, carbon fiber, composite and acrylic stereo anti-vibration racks that isolate and dissipate vibration and allow you to get the optimum performance from your stereo and stereo componentsComposite Products, LLC

High-quality audio/video reproduction requires a well-matched system consisting of a high performance audio/video source, amplifier, speakers, cables and a rack to house everything. All components of this system contribute to a high performance audio/video experience. But like a chain, the system is only as good as its weakest link. No matter the quality of the CD player or the speakers, if the rack is not dissipating vibration, one will not experience the full capability of its system.

A properly designed high-performance anti-vibration rack or shelf virtually eliminates vibration, a significant detriment to music reproduction. Composite Products utilizes carbon fiber, a leading edge aerospace material, to accomplish the goal of virtually eliminating vibration, thereby assuring the best audio/video reproduction the system is capable of delivering.

The design was created by engineers with many years of experience and numerous patents to their credit. Starting from a concept, a 3-dimensional computer model of the product was made. Then the rack's design, material properties and working condition were simulated by Finite Element Analysis (FEA), a highly advanced computer simulation and analysis technique. The computer model was then optimized to deliver the best performance. Prototypes were made according to the optimized design and extensive testing was performed by outside laboratories to verify the goals of the design. As an example, the vibration test graphs clearly show that when a vibration of 0.2 g's is introduced to the rack, the rack immediately absorbs the vibration and drops it down to the 0.09 g level up to the 150 Hz range, then the vibration falls very sharply to the 0.002 g level.

The CF-1000 isolation rack is designed and constructed with the primary goal of eliminating vibration in the audio/video components. We use carbon fiber, the best vibration dissipateing material in the middle and high frequency ranges and Sorbothane, a soft visco-elastic material, to absorb and dissipate vibration at low frequencies. Carbon fiber's high stiffness properties along with its superior damping properties result in the best structure for eliminating vibration. The CF-1000 employs a structure similar to satellites, resulting in a state of art anti-vibration audio/video rack.

The posts are the primary structural damping components in the CF-1000. The posts support the shelves and therefore the equipment sitting on the shelves. The posts also isolate each shelf from the other shelves, the floor and the outside world. The CF-1000 carbon fiber posts are optimized to protect against deformation caused by vibration while dissipating vibration very effectively. The posts are made from several hundred layers of carbon fiber epoxy composite. Vibration simply gets dissipated when it travels through so many layers of carbon fiber.

We offer two options for our shelves, a carbon fiber covered acrylic shelf and a clear acrylic shelf, both offering excellent stiffness, damping and anti-vibration properties.

Sorbothane rings are employed to damp low frequency vibration. Fiberglass studs are used to fasten the structure together. Fiberglass also offers very good stiffness, strength and damping.

We do not use any metal or glass in our CF-1000 racks. Although these materials have good stiffness, they have virtually no damping properties and are well known for their "ringing" characteristics.

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